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One of the unexpected things to come from Dragons Den has been the flood of messages from people inspired to start their own business and asking for some advice on where to start. I absolutely love working for myself so to inspire more people to take the leap is absolutely brilliant. Remember you don’t need to create a global megacorp just something you are passionate about that can deliver enough income to cover your salary and you will never look back.

Here’s my four things that I found really helpful when I started Rockstar Spirits. Get funding from your local Growth Hub every region has one and not only will they provide funding but will help with business plans and provide a mentor to advise you through the early stages. The growth hubs are government backed specifically to help start up businesses and I obtained all my funding via them and would highly recommend.

Secondly follow Gary Vaynerchuck on social media Gary’s constant stream of inspirational business montivaton match my own business ethos and I find them very inspirational and reassuring as you navigate your own journey.

Thirdly the most useful business book for anyone starting out has to be Matthew Syed’s Black Box Thinking. If you have your own business then it’s basically a series of daily challenges you have to resolve. Mathews book helps explain how to turn any “fails” into the long term success of your business and creates an invaluable mindset for the start up journey.

And last but not least read something from someone who has trod your path before. In my case That Shit Will Never Sell by David Gluckman the creator of some of Diageo’s biggest brands has long been my drinks brand bible and David has been a very helpful mentor along the way after I contacted him after reading it the first time.

Hope this helps anyone thinking of taking the plunge - don’t wait, just do it, if you try and fail you will learn some amazing lessons along the way and become a better person in the long run.

Nothing Great Is Easy - Captn Webb

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