My Inspiration in Business

I’ve had a lot of messages this week from folks saying that my story helping them to go after their own start up dreams which is awesome. If you have a passion then go for it the only way you can really fail is by not trying.

I just wanted to shout out to the people that inspired me to start Rockstar Spirits When I was a kid at school there was no option in careers advice for do something you are truly passionate about and turn it into a business that can support your lifestyle. So up until 2016 I didn’t realise this was an option until I met some amazing people that were able to show me the way. These guys stories made me believe I could follow their lead and make the leap from corporate life and I will be forever grateful for this. This inspirational group were the awesome Danny Mee from Lovesick London streetwear, Haris Nukem the genius photographer, The Hunna band lads and Joshua Kane the rockstar tailor. All super talented with a mad work ethic and total control of their output which was exactly what I wanted to replicate in my own lane of spirits. I love business and will be forever thankful for these guys showing me you can be successful and still authentic and creative and it’s not just about grey suits and boardrooms in the modern world. Thank you Lads 🙏👊😁🧡💯

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