New Release Passionfruit Grenade - Does it make the worlds Greatest Rum and Coke?

Passionfruit Grenade my 65% Passionfruit and Salted Caramel rum has been the biggest challenge of all our new product development so far at Rockstar Spirits. Originally due to launch at the start of lockdown but put on hold due to the uncertainty that lay ahead with pub closures and the dramatic loss of sales. Then delayed with countless supply and production issues due to the new Covid landscape but thankfully we are now ready to bottle on Monday August 3rd. One of the challenges I always set myself with the Grenade series is to make tricky flavours that can be divisive appeal to almost everyone. When we launched Pineapple Grenade a lot of people were unsure on Pineapple as a flavour as well as the 65%. Pineapple has very strong toffee notes so I balanced the sour notes of Pineapple and accentuated these toffee notes with the use of Salted Caramel. This is then underpinned with an array of background fruits and spices to add interest and depth and improve the versatility of the liquid. With Grapefruit Grenade (which I regard as the greatest liquid I have created) I myself am not a fan of unadulterated grapefruit as flavour but we use two different pink grapefruit varieties with a symphony of citrus flavours underneath combined with the subtler sweet toffee notes of honeycomb to make this an incredibly balanced flavour and one that I would drink neat during bottling and VAT returns in the early days at Rockstar. Regular readers may know one of my requirements to all the Rockstar rums is that they make a decent rum and coke and a banging Daiquiri and if they don't then they wont get released. So my biggest challenge with Passionfruit Grenade was how to get the strong perfumed notes of Passionfruit to mesh with the citrus heavy toffee notes in a Cola. This proved to be quite the challenge and has taken well over a year of tweaks to get there but the results are well worth the extra grey hairs and ridiculous development costs involved as Passionfruit Grenade and OG Full Fat Coke is a thing of beauty. Its unusual and not like anything you have tasted before in a rum and coke and catches you off guard at first but then you have a second sip and you realise that this tastes incredible and it becomes incredibly Moorish but still unusual so hopefully a great combination oh yeah and its 65% so go easy but its so nice just one more cant hurt. Cant wait for everyone to give this one a go to see for yourselves what might just be the greatest Rum and Coke in the world. Grab on bottle on pre order from

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