Punk Mary

So I had a few early birthday drinks on Friday with my oldest and bestest pals and still a big fragile so here is my little solution if you are ever in the same boat. 🚣‍♀️🚣🚣‍♂️🛶⛵️🚤🛥🛳⛴🚢⚓️

I’ve named it the Punk Mary 🚬after the old Eastenders character (you have to be as old as me to remember but she was mates with Lofty in the show who in real life was my step Dads lodger back in the day)

Punk Mary

50ml Rockstar Spirits Rum (whichever’s you’re favourite I like Pineapple G)

100ml Tomato Juice

30ml Lemon Juice

25ml Worcester Sauce

25ml Martin De Sa White Port

Dash Tabasco

Salt and Pepper

Stir over ice and serve

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